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Back at it Again With More Grisly Gameplay (Outlast Whistleblower Review)

Genre: Horror, survival

Rating: 18+

Developers: Red Barrels

My Playtime: 4+ Hours


Outlast Whistleblower follows Wayland Park the man who sent the email to Miles Upshur which started it all. Wayland’s email to Miles starts not only Miles horrific journey but also his own as he is caught by Murkoff and forced into being a patient and an experiment for their research. He then has to do everything in his power to escape the asylum.


As soon as I had completed the first Outlast game I dived straight into Whistleblower, the DLC which came with the download of the main game. Whistleblower was a lot shorter in comparison to the main game which is understandable as it is an added on game to go along with the main games extra content.

Whistleblower was just as, if not more horrifying than the original game. I found the villains within the DLC more horrific than the original ones as some of the scenarios you find yourself stuck in with the antagonists are just utterly gruesome. Whilst the first brought in a range of insane inmates who want to kill you for just being there this DLC just seemed even crazier. Whilst the first had the mad doctor and the Chris Walker (fyi the big piggy man actually makes a brief appearance in this game too to my utter annoyance) Whistleblower brought in Frank Manera, a cannibal as well as serial killer Eddie Gluskin obsessed with giving men sex changes in order for them to become his bride.

outlast whistleblower horror game review
Eddie is really something else in this game…

One of my favourite things about Whistleblower is it intertwines perfectly with the original game. The protagonist Wayland is wandering around the asylum around the same time as Miles is from the first game. Seeing familiar sights really tied to two games together and included more encounters with Chris Walker, the basement area where the experimentation takes place as well as a brief sight of the doctor who is at the time of Wayland seeing him now dead.

I find the more mature content of the game to be extremely graphic and whilst I could stomach it I know it could be extremely distressing to others especially due to the sexual nature of some of it.

As I said in my Outlast review the gameplay is what makes the whole games experience worth it. I stand by that for Whistleblower as well as the the fear factor is what always drove me to sit down and play. Whilst I enjoy the fact that the story intertwined with the original game it isn’t what sucked me in. The need for survival within the game and the fact that you can only run, hide or die is what made it exciting. It always gave me the adrenaline rush that I like as everything is such an unknown. Sometimes I thought I was safe when I wasn’t and sometimes I thought I was totally screwed when I was actually safe for a moment or two.

The dark and dingy setting makes everything 100 times creepier

My only real gripe with the Outlast games are the fact that the antagonists can quickly go from a terrifying enemy to a real annoyance. I found Eddie ‘The Groom’ Gluskin particular hard to beat and I was waddling around with a broken leg which made running more of a difficulty and I found it was a lot easier to catch me. Having said that it made the victory of getting past characters like Eddie that much sweeter and I think it did help me with trying to strategise how to get around them instead of just running in blindly in hopes of not dying.

Whistleblower is an excellent instalment of the Outlast franchise and is a must if you are a fan of the original game as well as horror in general.

Overall rating: 8/10

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Back at it Again With More Grisly Gameplay (Outlast Whistleblower Review)

  1. Thanks for reminding me about this game. Those good ol’ disturbing and scary memories I’ve had with Outlast games, especially Whistleblower. Whenever I came across a discussion about this game, Resident Evil 2 remake, Silent Hill 2, and Until Dawn would also pop into my head. Nice review!

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