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Cops, Comedy and Crazy Drugs (Double Decker! Doug and Kirill Review)

Genre: Comedy, action, sci-fi

Rating: R-17

Studio: Sunrise

Episodes: 13

Available on: Crunchyroll, Funimation


In the city of Lisvalletta drug crime is high with the heavy use of the lethal drug which is referred to as anthem. Kirill Vrubel who is living in the city ends up joining the special unit of SEVEN-0 which is responsible for cracking down on anthem. Kirill partners up with the seasoned detective Doug Billingham, these two along with their SEVEN-0 peers kick ass by hunting down drug users and putting them in their place.


The reason I first decided to give this anime a shot in the first place was due to a tweet I saw on Funimation’s Twitter account depicting this beautiful image:

I mean, with a screenshot like that I couldn’t not watch it could I? Humorous screenshots aside I decided to sit down and give this anime a real go and I can safely say I wasn’t disappointed.

Double Decker creates a beautiful blend between comedy and action within a detective style set up. I often find that when a series can switch between comedy and more series tones such as action and detective work it can make the overall performance of the series much more fun and entertaining. As much as I love a dark, depressing detective story it makes things much more fun when comedy and lighthearted moments are mixed in.

I appreciate these kinds of humorous and nonchalant reaction to serious situations

The animation wasn’t anything spectacular but I was surprised with the use of 3D animation which they often used. I usually cringe and recoil from anime that heavily uses 3D animation. It always look gross and clumsy looking whereas 2D has a lot more fluidity and is more aesthetically pleasing to watch. The 3D style was too bad and I actually didn’t mind it being used consistently throughout the series. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that it would often jump between 2D and 3D and I wish they had just picked one and stuck with it instead of flicking between the two throughout a single scene. Maybe budget was part of the reason for flicking back and forth with the two forms of animation so often but whatever it might be, it got a bit annoying.

The series had a wide range of quirky and likeable characters who had their own distinctive personality which helped to bring the anime to life. The characters were not only over the top in personality but also in clothing and design and having such a contrast of characters work together in harmony (most of the time) really worked in Double Deckers favour. The narration really brought the humour of the series to the best it could possibly be. The narrator was almost annoying in the way he spoke his lines but it worked beautifully in making things more humorous.

double decker doug and kirill anime review
Anime narration at its finest

Overall I loved this series. It made me laugh more than I expected it to and the twists and turns it takes in the story will keep you totally enthralled. If you want a wacky detective show then Double Decker is absolutely perfect to check out!

Overall rating: 8/10

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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5 thoughts on “Cops, Comedy and Crazy Drugs (Double Decker! Doug and Kirill Review)

  1. Totally agree on the mix of animation styles. It only pulls you out for a second, but it would be better to stick to one.

    I really enjoyed this series and thought there were several quite clever bits where they used misdirection to tell you stuff that you’d ignore. It was definitely a lot of fun.

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