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Sour Punch – ‘Already’ Single Review

This post is going to be a bit different from my regular content. Today I’m going to be reviewing ‘Already’ by Sour Punch.

The indie rock trio which make up Sour Punch include Thomas Llywarch on vocals and bass, Leyton McLean on guitar and backing vocals and Tom Buck on drums and backing vocals. The band originates from Manchester and are all about breaking out of the mould and experimenting.

The best way to describe ‘Already’ is it feels like a warm breeze of summer soon to come. In the extremely chilly month of February I’m sure many of us are praying for warmer weather and Sour Punch’s single packs the perfect summer punch to keep you warm until then. The sparkling melodies of the guitar hooks mixed with the smooth, sultry vocals are a fantastic indie blend. The memorable chorus really emphasises the songs title ‘Already’ as it is repeated many times throughout making the chorus really stick and keep you singing it long after listening.

The video which accompanies the single is guaranteed to get anyone hungry for ice cream. The band feature themselves within the snug space of an ice cream van, eating sweet treats to their hearts content as well as bouncing around the surrounding park and forest that surrounds them. Along with ice cream van antics the band can be seen spraying each other’s hair bright colours of purple, green and blue which works perfectly with their bright and cheeky personalities within the video. Sour Punch prove the fact that you don’t need a million dollar budget in order to create fun, entertaining visuals.

Both the single and the music video scream total fun in the sun and I urge you to go and give it a listen!

Overall rating: 8/10

You can check out their brand new music video for the single on their social media!

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