Hello friends, I hope you are all doing well! Today I want to bring you an update/personal post as I feel the need to explain some stuff and sort out all the jumbled up thoughts in my brain into a tangible form of words on a computer screen.

I’m going to start this post on a more negative note. These past few weeks have been a living nightmare for me. I don’t say that out of pity or anything I’m just stating the facts. I like to think I’m pretty good at juggling my university work with my hobbies and own personal interests such as my blog. However over the past month or so I felt like my life has fallen apart and I’m only starting to put all the pieces back together again so I can get my life back on track. The first spanner in the works was some poor health in my family. Not only did I end up getting sick for a couple of weeks with the standard flu but others did too and it was pretty damn scary because it was far more serious than the average cold. I felt like my whole world was falling apart and I was terrified of loosing someone important to me. Thankfully,

Not long after the health issues start to subside a new problem occurred, boy drama. The guy I was interested in (and was giving a second chance after they pulled a really awful move on me before Christmas) basically went after someone else because I was taking too long. I was pretty damn devastated and it really knocked the confidence and self love that I’ve slowly been building up within these past couple of months. Anyway, I gave him a piece of my mind and got rid of the negativity in order to make my life brighter again. Alongside the boy drama I was dealing with a lot of coursework and I wasn’t in any position to just sit around and mope because I had bunch work to do including a presentation and a law essay. Fun times.

So, in a nutshell my body basically shut down and would only allow me to deal with the bare minimum that my life required of me. My blog, my guitar and even my anime watching time all went down the drain. My nerdy travels post ceased, anime reviews still sit in my drafts waiting to be completed (or even started) and I just caved in on myself because I couldn’t bring myself to look at any of it because my attention was elsewhere. I felt like I was drowning in a way and I was trying to scramble my way out without damaging myself or anything else around me.

Now that the negative updates are out of the way lets get to the positives. After a horrible few weeks I can safely say I’m out on the other side of it now feeling much better and ready to get back to doing more of the things I love! Health wise, I’m back to normal and family members are on the mend which makes me so incredibly happy and grateful. Boy drama wise, I’ve cut out that kind of negativity and I have decided to focus on myself and the things that make me happy. University wise, I’ve got some great grades so far and hopefully there are more to come and I’m trying my absolute hardest with every piece of work I create. As for my blog, I think I’m ready to start posting regularly again. I’ve really missed doing my nerdy travels posts and I’m excited to review some more anime, games and even some books. I’ve really missed the blogging community too and I feel like I’ve really disconnected myself from it (unintentionally) because of my real life situation. I normally like to try and read a few posts when I have some spare time and I can catch up with people but I’ve just not had the brain capacity to do what I normally like to do with it. Even my social media has been sporadic, some days I’d post a bunch and others I couldn’t even open up my Twitter or Instagram because I couldn’t handle anything.

To conclude this update, I’m feeling a lot better about things now. I feel both capable and excited to start delving back into my blog properly and I have a new exciting project coming very soon which will have its own separate post tomorrow. I’ve missed you guys and I hope I can begin to reconnect with you all properly now!

Anime girl smiling GIF
I’m glad to get back on track!

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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16 thoughts

  1. “sick for a couple of weeks with the standard flu”

    May not be flu. I’ve been down for a week and a half with what the doctors says is some virus but not the flu. Wife got it too but is not nearly so bad.

    I always get my flu shot as it reduces the chance of it. (Nothing is 100%) Flu can be lethal to the very young the very old and the immunocompromised – or if it is just a virulent strain.

    Get well soon!


  2. I love you so much hun! I know you have a tendency to beat yourself up a bit if you fall out of your usual routine, but sometimes things just become a bit chaotic and that’s not your fault at all! I’m so happy that you’ve come out of it all and are much happier and more positive, and that you can get back to doing what you love. ❤️ Great things are in store for you! Xx


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    1. Love you so much too hun and you’re right about that, I have such a bad habit of beating myself up over stuff😅😂 but thank you for giving me that reassurance as that helps to put things in perspective 💖 and thank you hun, I’m feeling so much more better ❤️ and thank you so much hun, I think you are definitely right about that! 😘🥰💖 xx

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  3. Sorry to hear that you and your family were sick. D: Good riddance about the guy… You deserve someone who will be patient with you, not someone like that. >.> =_= It’s really good that you cut out that negativity because you definitely don’t need that in your life.

    I’m happy to hear that you feel better now! The new project sounds very exciting! I’m looking forward to it. 😀 ❤ Happy that you're blogging again and thank you for the update. ^_^

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    1. Thankfully the sickness has passed in the family and thank you so much Rose! I’m so happy I cut of that kind of negativity and I can find someone who’ll treat me right!

      And thank you, I’m feeling so much better and I’m very excited for this new project. 😄💜 I’m happy to be back!

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  4. I’m glad things are looking better. I’m glad you’re feeling better and you cut off the negativity in your life. Sometimes the bare minimum can help us. Our bodies shut down when it’s just too much and forces us to rest. I hope you keep feeling better ❤

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad too! Yeah you’re right, I think just focusing in on the bare minimum did help during this rough patch and yeah my body definitely did that haha. I think it has helped in the long run though and thank you 💜


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