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Perverted Maids Everywhere! (UzaMaid! Review)

Genre: Comedy, slice of life

Rating: PG-13

Studio: Doga Kobo

Episodes: 12

Available on: Crunchyroll


Half-Russian, half-Japanese Misha Takanashi lost her beloved mother at a very young age. She now lives with her stepfather and her pet ferrets and for a long time has been shut in, refusing to go to school. One day a women by the name of Tsubame Kamoi turns up at Misha’s house inquiring about the position of being a housekeeper for them. After Tsubame is hired Misha life is turned upside down by her new housekeeper as she learns that the maid is a lolicon and is head over heels in love with her.


When I originally listed this in my autumn 2018: what I’ll be watching post I said that this series would either by a hilariously good time or a creepy flop that would make me shudder to my very core. It turned out that the series was the former and I had a lot of fun watching it over autumn 2018.

UzaMaid is one of those series that I looked forward to watching each week whilst it was airing. It is an extremely ridiculous series and is something that no matter how creepy or morally wrong situations felt, it never really crossed the line of going too far. It was just the right amount of weird without having to call the FBI if you like.

Tsubume and Misha’s relationship was a delight to watch even with the extremely strange and creepy undertones. The fact that Misha, who is pretty young, is so wary and comprehends that her new maid is complete and utter bad news really helped keep my attention at the beginning of the series. She was smart and went out of her way to make sure Tsubame didn’t get too close to her and do anything illegal. Misha is street smart with her perverted maid. Her rejection of Tsubame mixed with the love and affection Tsubame feels for Misha made their strange relationship work well in a comedy setting.

UzaMaid anime review.jpg

The characters, even the creepy maid, were likeable and added a lot of interesting stories to the overall development of the series. Tsubame and Midori’s strange behaviour really added to the comedic moments of the series.

Uzamaid anime review
What even is this anime

Although there isn’t an expansive plot as it primarily a slice of life and comedy series the overall development of the story panned out well. The anime was sprinkled with a few serious moments which tied Misha and Tsubame’s backstories together nicely. These moments allowed for the two of them to become closer and bond a little more than expected at the beginning of the series. The common ground of them losing parents displayed how they had grown as people and had coped with similar situations. This ultimately, gave them something to connect over instead of purely focusing on their bizarre love hate relationship.

UzaMaid is a comedy anime worth your time if something fun and lighthearted is needed in your watch list. No matter how you feel about lolicons this anime makes the creepy character trope both bearable and humorous without pushing the boundaries too far.

Overall rating: 8/10

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Perverted Maids Everywhere! (UzaMaid! Review)

  1. Oh hey,one of the few shows I watched from last season.

    It’s a weird one ,for sure and would definitely land me in jailtime if not for the fact they’re fictional drawings.

    Honestly, I’m more a fan of our titular maid’s A B S.

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