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Ourkid Live Review

Our Kid bandToday I have a music review for you guys. I present to you my Ourkid live review! Ourkid is a Manchester based indie band who are made up of Thom Webb-Riley on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Jamie Byrne on lead guitar and backing vocals, Rob Edward on bass guitar and Harvey Simister on drums.

In the dark and crowded brick building burrowed beneath one of Manchester’s bridges the indie boys known as Ourkid were getting ready to perform their set which was one amongst many for the Below the Bridge bank holiday event. Our Kid’s musical philosophy is “to provide the bops that slap” and their live show did just that. Although Ourkid didn’t have the longest setlist of the night, they did perform a fun, Manchester flavoured gig which has the audience bopping along.

Their first song was a mellow sound which warmed both the band and the audience up for the rest of the performance. Lead singer Thom made a grand entrance as the vocalist rolled up to the mic with acoustic guitar in hand and also, an ahegao hoodie. The hoodie really stood out to me, an anime fan, as it was a fun and humorous touch to their casual, indie look.

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After a slight technical difficulty which was followed by a small round of “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” to keep the audience entertained, Ourkid dive right back into their setlist. Their second took a quick turn after their mellow and soothing warm up was replaced with their latest single titled ‘What’s Going On?’. Their latest single is a bouncy, melodic tune which leaves the underlining guitar riff spinning within the listeners head which when paired with the catchy lyrical lines “what’s going on?” which repeat often throughout the track makes the song simply unforgettable.

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Ourkid’s entire set blended smoothly together and was over before I knew it. Every track was fast, fun and not messing around. The mixture of both an electric and acoustic guitar made for a nice contrast within their overall sound. The sweet and soften soulful guitar riffs mixed with the bright twang of the acoustic worked awesomely. The guitars were accompanied perfectly with deeper bass tones and steady drum rhythms which are perfect for short but catchy three minute tracks. The vocals for the most part, has a softness to them but Thom really knows how to pack a punch as his vocal range could completely ditch the softer tones and become much harsher and more aggressive as he screamed lyrical lines to the audience with eyes tightly shut as if channeling some powerful emotions. Their set ended with a cheeky grin and a hearty “thank you” from Thom before ending off their performance with another round of “if you’re happy and you know it” for an extra bit of fun.

Ourkid songs may be short and sweet but they are what indie is all about. Their music might be straight out of a garage but they have their songs and performance polished. I’m sure that Ourkid can not only impress the Manchester music scene but also impact the indie scene both regionally and globally!

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Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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