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Hot Minute – ‘Magic’ Debut Single Review

Hot Minute picToday is a very exciting post for my little blog as I got the opportunity to review the debut single for the band Hot Minute! Hot Minute are the hot upcoming Manchester based trio set on all things female empowerment and kicking some misogynistic ass using their music to prove that sound matters over gender or looks. Hot Minute’s members includes front woman and lead vocalist Keely Hutchinson, guitarist and backing vocalist Bella Casson and synth/keyboard player Courtney Williams.

The initial reaction I had to this single was triggered by my first glance at the artwork for it. The artwork is stunning neon splash of bright lights and colours which gives off cool Tokyo by night vibes which I love. The hot pinks mixed with the teal blues is a striking colour combination and helps to build an inviting high-tech world which aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Hot Minute’s debut single titled ‘Magic’ is truly as the name suggests as it is a magical track. ‘Magic’ is like a dreamy throw back to the 80s with its bright, shiny synthesisers which gives a sweet sense of nostalgia to someone who didn’t even live through the 80s. This 80s vibe is accompanied by the main guitar riffs which floats in and out of the track and its reverberated effects echo through my mind even after the song is long over. Although the melody of ‘Magic’ has warmth to it which is perfect to dance along to, the lyrics take a more serious tone which creates a beautiful contrast. Lead vocalist Keely describes that “‘Magic’ embodies taking the negative and flipping it on its head” in order to gain something positive from the experience and this statement sums up the lyrics perfectly. Lines such as “I’m trying my best babe” embody the struggles that the band have faced within the industry when concerned with misogyny whilst lines like “when I’m with you its magic” show how they haven’t let it stop them from creating something truly magical as musicians. Hot Minute combines 80s nostalgia with fun, upbeat indie pop which is sure to quench the thirst of any music listener looking for a hot new band to add to their playlist.  ‘Magic’ by Hot Minute is out now and I highly recommend going and giving it a listen!

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