Nerdy Turns 21!

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Today I turn 21 years old meaning I can legally drink in both the UK and the US. Am I going to celebrate this day with an alcoholic beverage? Probably not as I prefer soft drinks, but it is fun to say it at least! My celebratory drinks of the day will probably consist of iced coffee and diet coke. Adventurous, I know!

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Turning 21 is a crazy thought to me as it doesn’t feel long since I was a little kid in primary school who got both a Nintendo Wii and a case of the chicken pox for her 10th birthday (chicken pox or not it was still a great birthday). I feel old and young at the same time as my childhood and teens are way behind me at this point but I still have my whole life ahead of me with so many possibilities. I have already experienced a lot in my life such as going to Japan, interviewing musicians and becoming a university student on her way to a music journalism degreeΒ and I know I have much more to come. I am lucky enough to say that I am spending my birthday in Disney World this year which is a dream come true and although I am away from most of my family and friends for this special day, I get to spend it with my parents in the most magical place on earth. I feel both privileged and extremely thankful for getting to have such experiences and I’m sharing this fact not out of wanting to make people envious of me or brag about myself and my life but for my own memories and I wanted to share a happy and positive event with you all!

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I hope, no matter what you are doing today, that you guys all have a fabulous day as well!

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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22 thoughts on “Nerdy Turns 21!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope it’s kick-ass and amazing. Your Disneyland posts have been glorious and I’m glad to see you having a great time. πŸ™‚ Eat lots of cake, cake is best haha.

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