Summer 2019: What I’ll Be Watching

It is that time again, where I sit down and scroll through the hefty amount of anime which is to come for the next season. Somehow we are already quickly approaching the anime of summer 2019 which is crazy to me! Each season seems to go quickly then the next these days and I’m hoping the summer has some good anime for me to sink my teeth into. Here are a few which I am most curious about this summer!

Ensemble Stars

Summer 2019 Anime Ensemble StarsI do have a bit of a soft spot for idol anime whether it be of the male of female kind. I find the idol genre to be cute, soft and often very wholesome whilst also having a range of adorable characters and some bopping music. Ensemble Stars looks like it will be just that and I’m pretty excited to see what this series has in store. The series originates from the Ensemble Stars game. The anime follows the boys at Yumenosaki Private Academy which is a school that specialises in training young boys to be talented idols. I have seen Ensemble Stars pop up many times on my social media in the past and was pretty excited when I saw the announcement even though I have never even played the original game before. The arts looks really clean and crisp and the character designs look adorable! I’m hoping this idol based series won’t disappoint this season.

Dr. Stone

Dr Stone anime

I don’t think I can write a what I’ll be watching post for this season without including the Dr Stone series. Everywhere I look this anime seems to be popping out at me and I just have to give it a shot to see what the hype is about. The Dr. Stone series originates from the Shounen Jump manga series and the story takes place in a world where the whole population is petrified in a blinding light. Many years later, a high school student named Taiju wakes up to find himself surrounded by stone statues. However, he isn’t all alone in this statue filled world and he ends up meeting Senku, his science obsessed friend who wants to get humanity back to normal through the power of science. Dr. Stone sounds like it could be a fun watch this season and as a fellow science lover I do look forward to what the series holds.


Given Anime 2019

Given is an anime I had never heard of up until scrolling through the seasonal line up on MAL. Given originally started off as a manga series and has now been adapted into an anime series which uses a combination of genres including shounen-ai, music, romance and drama. The promotional artwork is what really caught my attention as the visuals look pretty damn stunning. According to the synopsis the series follows Uenoyama Ritsuka who plays both the guitar and basketball, but both interests have gotten rather dull for his liking. He then encounters Satou Mafuyu and Ritsuka decides to fix his broken guitar. Mafuyu ends up being very attached to Ritsuka after their meeting and in turn Ritsuka ends up being very impressed by Mafuyu’s singing abilities. This anime really looks to be focusing on being a shounen-ai with musicians and it is one I am looking forward to watching this summer.

My list is pretty short this time around but these 3 anime are the ones which stand out to me the most!

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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13 thoughts on “Summer 2019: What I’ll Be Watching

  1. Ensemble Stars – sounds like something I’d be up for, so long as it isn’t based on an otome game. Those invariably turn into reverse harems rather that strictly idol shows.

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  2. It’s kinda funny that I’ve seen so many people, myself included, who are only intending on watching three series this season. While I’m taking a pass on Ensemble Stars (Idolish7 and B-Pro effective have my heart), Given is one I’ve been looking forward to. We’ll have to see what our thoughts on the series are later! I’ll be watching Try Knights, and Dumbell Nan Kilo Moteru (How many Kiograms are the dumbbells you lift?).

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    1. Yeah I have noticed that too actually. I’m really excited to see what Given has in store! Also Dumbell Nan Kilo Moteru sounds really interesting actually haha. Maybe I’ll have to give that a watch too out of curiosity xD

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