Nerdy Travels: Travelling the World in a Day

Epcot was the next destination for our trip. I love Epcot and it is probably my second favourite park after Animal Kingdom. We decided to go to the park early and grab some breakfast at The Land as they do a range of amazing options for all times of the day. I grabbed myself some Raisin Bran (damn, I really miss that cereal), an adorable carton of Mickey Mouse themed milk and a pan au chocolate to start off the day. After breakfast we headed to one of the coolest rides in the park which is Soarin’ which is right next to where we ate breakfast.


After breakfast we decided to head towards one of the sides of the World Showcase. The showcase has range of countries going around the Epcot Park including Canada, England, France, Germany, China, Japan, Morocco, Norway and Mexico. We started off in Canada and one of the coolest thing about each of the countries is the shops in each area are themed completely around said country. Canada was filled with plaid (my absolute favourite thing to wear), maple syrup and various maple flavoured things and moose and bear related items.

After Canada we wandered into my home country of England. England has a pub, fish and chips and an adorable castle type building filled with all things British. The stores include tea, kickass medieval themed stuff like swords and statues, TV shows such as Doctor Who and Sherlock as well as a range of classic British bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. England is also where you can find character meets such as Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins.


We then headed through France which is filled with posh food and designer products and brands. It even has the Eiffel Tower!

We then headed over towards Japan where they have a range of traditional style Japanese buildings and even a floating torii gate in the water. Seeing Epcot’s version of Japan after being to the real thing really hit me in the feels. Japan is home to the long running store known as Mitsukoshi which has been around since the 17th century. I think Epcot is the only place outside of Japan which has a Mitsukoshi store and the store has everything you associate Japan with. The store holds everything including anime, Sanrio, traditional Japanese designs and clothing, food, sweets and sake. My parents decided to treat themselves to some sake and they decided on a peach flavoured one. I’m not usually one for alcohol but I gotta admit that the peach sake tasted pretty amazing. Japan also has a display of kawaii culture which is a really fun little exhibit for people to see and can be appreciated by everyone not just lovers of Japan.

After we’d finished Japan we were getting a bit tired so decided to head back towards the front of the park for a bite to eat and a little wander around before we headed home. One thing I love about the Epcot park is that it allows you to experience a variety of cultures within a small space and even get to meet some of the natives who work in their countries section.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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