Nerdy Travels: Expedition Everest and The Lion King

The day after our first trip to Universal Studios we decided to head back over to Animal Kingdom for the day. On this day we exploded more the Africa and Asia areas which are both so amazing to wander around. One of the most iconic things about this park is the Tree of Life which I think sits pretty much in the centre of the park. The Tree of Life is home to a range of beautifully carved out animals which weave together within the trees bark. The tree also hosts the It’s Tough to Be a Bug show which is one of the coolest interactive shows in the parks (although it kind of terrified me as a small child because well…giant bugs).

We header over towards Africa which is home to the Kilimanjaro Safari, Gorilla Trail as well as one of my families favourite shows, the Festival of the Lion King. These shows are a amazing mixture of animatronics and live performers and dancers and there a a number of shows which run daily until around 5PM. The shows have a range of amazing musical numbers from the film and it is one of the best ways to get away from the weather of it is either too hot or there is a tropical storm.

We also decided to eat in the Pizzafari (ha, see what Disney did there) which do some delicious mini pizzas to keep you going through the day. My dad surprised me when he came with the food as he bought me this super adorable Lion King cupcake which had Simba’s adorable baby face on it. It was super delicious but it was heartbreaking to eat his face, not gonna lie.

Africa is also home to some amazing fruit stands (I feel like finding any kind of healthy snacks at Disney is a rarity). They do a range of fruits like bananas, apples and little pots of fruits. My favourite is the healthy yet unhealthy apple slices with caramel dip.

We then headed up towards Asia next as I planned on going on the Expedition Everest ride which is a rollercoaster all about the infamous Yeti. The whole ride is super amazing and aesthetically pleasing as it has this really cool, worn look to it and the queue takes you through basically a whole story and almost museum about the mysterious yeti which includes hiking gear, animal life are the Himalayas as well as possible evidence of the yeti existing. Sadly even though I got a fastpass for Everest, apparently some kid threw up on it during my allotted fastpass hour so I decided to leave it for another day and just enjoy the parks atmosphere for the evening.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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9 thoughts on “Nerdy Travels: Expedition Everest and The Lion King

    1. It’s such a magical place to visit! For the most part our time in Disney this year was pretty good in terms of crowds. I think the worst day was when we went Magic Kingdom the day before the 4th July, it was pure overwhelming chaos for us Brits 😂

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      1. Well London is an awesome next trip and I don’t know where I’m going after my next trip to Alaska but I know I’m going someplace and I’m sure you know to you’ll be going someplace great once you make up your mind

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  1. That must have been a fun trip even though I have severe issues with Disney. I used to love The Lion King when I was a kid, but that movie franchise got so tainted for me when I became and adult. First, you have the existence of Kimba the White Lion since TLK ripped off characters, scenes, and some of the storylines from that 60s anime. Secondly, I couldn’t stand the racist undertones of the hyenas. Thirdly, Disney trademarked the phrase “Hakuna Matata” which is pure cultural appropriation. Not only that, but I found out last year that “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” was actually plagiarized from a South African song called “Mbube” and they never paid royalties to the late singer and his family. Check out the Netflix documentary The Lion’s Share which shows you everything. I jut wish Disney would own up to those things and respect African cultures more.


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