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Nerdy Travels: Kennedy Space Center

After the airboat tour which we took in the morning of this day, we headed over to the Kennedy Space Center. I think the ride over to KSC took another hour or so from the airboat place and I ended up sleeping most of the way there again so it felt like no time at all.

Kennedy Space Center Floirda

There are two parts to the Kennedy Space Center. There is the main visitor center which  and a bus tour which takes you past some of the large assembly buildings and into another area to see some of the rockets. We decided to stay within the main area of the center and not do the bus tour as we did the tour a couple of years ago and wanted to explore the other things that KSC had to offer. After grabbing some food at the Orbit Cafe, which do delicious pizza btw, we headed over towards the Journey to Mars area, a building dedicated to Mars missions and the idea that the children of today may one day be roaming the dusty red planet. It was a really cool and inspiring area to see and it had a range of information already collected on the red planet along with ideas for the future. They had a section dedicated to the rovers of Mars including information and the rovers which have been used on the missions.

After we’d finished in the Journey to Mars building, we then headed for the IMAX cinemas to see one of the 3D films which were playing. There were two to choose from at the time of our visit which included Journey to Space and A Beautiful Planet. My family and I decided to go and see the Journey to Space film as that appealed to us most (plus Patrick Stewart was narrating it). The film lasted just under an hour I think and since it was an IMAX cinema you could even purchase popcorn, soda and other snacks before the films began. After the IMAX film, we decided to visit the Universe Theatre to see the Eyes on the Universe: NASA’s Space Telescope 3D. This 20 minute film basically took you to the furthest depths of the universe through the eyes of the famous Hubble telescope and although the film was short, it was mind blowing to see and think about how big the universe is.

We also explored the rocket garden which they have at the main visitor center. I never imagined how a bunch of rockets could be a “garden” but NASA has somehow made that a thing. The garden included a tour in which a humorous and informative tour guide took visitors through each of the rockets displayed and its history, some of which were the real thing, whilst others were either disused rockets or replicas. There was also a badass looking Mars rover prototype displayed which was awesome.

I want one.

We also visited the Heroes and Legends: United States Astronaut Hall of Fame which displays many of the shuttles, missions, astronauts and their achievements and roles on missions. They had a whole bunch of different information on the astronauts and the missions including shuttles, replicas of the mission control centers and a whole room dedicated to displaying photographs of the astronauts to commend their work.


After we had finished in the Heroes and Legends building, it was time to head back home to our hotel. I was so sad to leave as both the airboat ride and the trip to the Kennedy Space Center were a blast (Ha! Get it?). I once again fell asleep on the bus and once we were back at our original meeting point we decided to go food shopping where I took this random photo of all of the cereal because I couldn’t get over all the sugar filled options available and all of the fun colours and animal mascots.

But seriously, I love visiting supermarkets and convenience stores in other countries!

I also took some pretty photos of the sunset as we made our way back to our hotel!


Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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6 thoughts on “Nerdy Travels: Kennedy Space Center

  1. My sister (who is American) was visiting from Scotland (where she lives now)… and took back a whole suitcase of stuff she couldn’t get there. Including a couple of boxes of her favorite sugary cereal, she’s not like an addict or anything, but she can’t get it at *all* there.

    I took the NASA/KSC tour years ago. I’d love to take the CCAFS tour someday.

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    1. I totally get that tbh! I know when I’m visiting other countries I miss certain food or certain brands so I completely understand that she wants to bring stuff back to Scotland from America haha.

      The CCAFS isn’t something I’m too familiar with but sounds like an interesting place to visit for sure!

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      1. I get that even traveling in the US… every time I come back from the South, I bring back stuff I can’t get here in the Northwest.

        There’s actually two launch facilities at the Cape… At the northwest end is KSC (Kenndey Space Center), owned by NASA. This is where the VAB and it’s two big pads are and the tourist/museum stuff you visited. At the southeast end is CCAFS (Cape Canaveral Air Force Station), owned by the USAF. It’s where all the all the other pads are located.

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      2. I never even considered that you guys would have different foods you cannot get in certain states! The more I think about that, the more it makes sense since the US is so big!

        I had no idea about that, how cool! If I go again I might have to look into visiting CCAFS alongside KSC. 🙂

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  2. Not many people think about the Mercury flights, let along remember them. Mercury control, Friendship 7, that goes back a long way.

    We’ve been sending people into space since May 1961 and Freedom 7. That’s 58+ years now. I bet nobody reading this blog can remember a time when we weren’t in space. We take it for granted.

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