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Nerdy Travels: Off to London

My very first travel posts were about London and today, I am coming full circle and discussing some more of my London antics for 2019! This time around my parents and I headed down to the capital for their wedding anniversary. My parents were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary which is an amazing and beautiful achievement.

I had to be up super early that morning as our train left just before 7AM. Basically, I was like a zombie wandering around the train station and following my parents to wherever they happened to go. We got to London in what seemed like an instant since at this point I’m so used to doing long-haul travel to get to my destination that 2 hours felt like a breeze. We arrived at Euston and immediately headed for the underground located in Euston station. Although the underground is really hot and busy, I really enjoy travelling on the underground. It is probably my nostalgia talking but I just love all the signs, posters and long-ass escalators in London. It is one of those silly things that I find enjoyable about visiting the city.

London Underground

After descending down into the underground (that sounds way more dramatic than it is) we hopped on the train that took us from Euston to our hotel at King’s Cross. I have visited London numerous times over the years but I have surprisingly never been to King’s Cross since we always go through Euston station. King’s Cross is the station used in the Harry Potter series so it was nice to actually see the station in person for once!

We stayed at the House of Toby which was a ten minute walk away from King’s Cross station which was perfect for getting around the city.

The hotel was pretty snug but also really nice. It had a really black aesthetic to it which made the overall vibe of the place really unique to most other hotels. There was also a lot of stairs. So many stairs! Getting to our room was like walking through a black stairs maze. The photos I took don’t truly portray the struggle of climbing so many stairs.

Our room was small but comfortable and we also had a bizarre painting which hung over the beds which was a dapper looking cat. It was a weird painting but I really liked it. Although the room was snug, we had everything we needed including a kettle, safe, TV and free WiFi (an absolute essential for me).

This is art.

When we dropped the bags off we were greeted by one of the staff who said that we could enjoy some breakfast since it was still early in the morning. When he said that I was just ecstatic because breakfast food in hotels is always great and makes me happy. I grabbed myself a hearty helping of cereal, mini pastries and coffee.

The mini pastries and coffee were especially good and I’m drooling just thinking about eating them.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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