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Nerdy Travels: Camden Town

After we finished up breakfast at the hotel my parents and I headed to Camden Town. I always describe Camden as London’s version of Harajuku as it is filled with all things alternative alongside lots of typical tourist goods.

After wandering down the main street which is filled with many creatively decorated shops we reached my favourite area which is a higgledy piggledy area filled with market stalls, small independent business and food stalls selling all kinds of cuisine. We found a shop selling loads of really cool metal signs ranging from vintage ones to London themed ones.

We also wandered into some amazing stores including Dr Marten’s, Cyberdog and the Momin store.

Cyberdog is probably the coolest and most extra store in the whole of Camden as it is a rave store which takes both its clothes and its interior decoration seriously. The whole store has a Borg like vibe to it and the clothes and accessories they sell are centred around rave culture. I’m not into raves myself but they clothes they sell and the music they play there are pretty awesome.

Whilst wandering around Camden I noticed these stands which were selling bubble waffles and me being the sweet fiend that I am I knew I had to try one. I decided to get my bubble waffle with milk chocolate and strawberries and it was incredibly delicious.

Whilst hunting for a bubble waffle stand we also came across the ‘Cereal Killer Cafe’. Sadly we didn’t go in but as an avid cereal muncher and true crime watcher I truly love the name.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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