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OurKid – ‘Disappear’ Single Review

I’m back at it again with another single review! This time I’m reviewing OurKid’s brand new single titled ‘Disappear’. I reviewed one of their live shows a while back which I recommend checking out and today, on September 2nd they have released their latest single.

‘Disappear’ is track filled with dreamy indie goodness. Its floaty vibes make the listener automatically sway to the song without even thinking about it. The contrasting electric and acoustic guitars blend so well together and is an element of OurKid which I really love about their music. As someone who listens to a lot of heavier music, ‘Disappear’ made a great change as the electric guitar takes a stance of using higher, brighter tones for the licks and lead lines which add to that soft, dream like state of the song. Even during buildups towards the more intense sections of the song the song never feels harsh or heavy on the ear. Each instrument blends together smoothly to create the dreamy atmosphere that the song portrays.

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The lyrics of ‘Disappear’ almost have a somber quality to them with lines such as “you don’t own me” and “you can’t control me”. At the same time however, these lyrics accompanies with “if I could fly, fly away” almost seem freeing to listen to as if breaking out away from something or someone who isn’t good for you in order to go your own way. The lyrics are powerful in that sense and whilst listening made me think of travelling off to far away lands where you could quite literally “fly away from here”. The track gives me major travel vibes and I can see this being a perfect track to a road trip.

Overall ‘Disappear’ is an absolute delight to listen to both as a single itself as well as live in person. It is the perfect track to add to your Spotify playlist and is sure to be a hit with many music fans. You can now stream ‘Disappear’ on Spotify!

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