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Nerdy Travels: Shopping in London

After finishing up at the Manga Exhibition at The British Museum we headed back into the centre to do some shopping. We headed down to Covent Gardens which is a really cute, quaint and often expensive area of London which happens to be home to one of the biggest Forbidden Planets you will ever see. I didn’t get too many photos of Forbidden Planet but just imagine two massive floors of nerdy goodness, tons of beautiful (yet painfully expensive) figures displayed in glass cases, stacks upon stacks of bookshelves filled to the brim with books, comics and manga as well as every other nerdy item you can think of. I spent a good while browsing the megastore as there is just so much to look at. My wallet was a lot lighter by the time I had finished browsing.

After that we headed down towards the main area of Covent Gardens. When visiting this area of London you often have to use small, quaint little streets to get to the main area and the whole area feels just how you expect London to be. Along one of these smaller streets sits the Nobel Collection store. You could call it a nerdy collectors dream type store as it is filled with amazing merchandise and beautiful replicas from franchises including Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and DC. It is especially good for Harry Potter fans as the first level as well as a hefty chunk of the bottom level are filled with Harry Potter merchandise and memorabilia.

Alongside the merchandise they store also has a range of none purchasable items which are signed by cast members. They had a pretty large collection of replica wands which were all signed by many members of the Harry Potter cast. My favourite was the Tom Felton one which said “you filthy mudbloods”.

We then wandered down to the local market which is held in Covent Gardens every weekend. I sadly didn’t snap any photos whilst wandering the market (plus a lot of stalls don’t like photography being taken anyway). The market is filled with lots of handmade items ranging from pottery to t-shirts and it is a fun way to pass an hour or two.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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3 thoughts on “Nerdy Travels: Shopping in London

  1. Cool stuff. We did get a wand when we were at the Harry Potter wand shop in Universal Studios Florida location, but those are super cool too. The Universal studios one work with things around the displays, make your own magic. It was cool. Have you been there?


  2. Reminds me that my wife and I are planning our semi-annual shopping trip to the Big City… It’s a more practical trip though, hitting the stores that we don’t really have in our smaller and more blue collar town.


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