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A Nerdy London Haul

Recently I went on a quick weekend trip to London with my parents. Obviously when I go on holiday I basically cannot resist buying things for myself and this trip to London did just that (as it always does). I love shopping in the capital as their always seems to be even more choice then there is back home (and I live near a pretty big city too). When visiting Camden Town my parents and I decided to stop in this small shop which sold all kinds of metal signs. There was a huge range of different ones ranging in sizes and prices and I managed to grab myself two vintage/pinup style signs to go in my room when I give it its much needed makeover. I’m in love with both of the designs and I cannot wait to display them!

When I visited the Manga Exhibition, I picked up a few things for myself as I couldn’t resist buying at least something to commemorate my trip there. I picked up an adorable postcard with the iconic Matsuno sextuplets on it, a print of the Theatre Curtains of Shintomi-za with Impromptu Sketch Monsters by artist Kawanabe Kyosai which was featured in the exhibition as well as some books.

img_4587img_4588I grabbed myself the hefty souvenir book which accompanied the exhibit as well as the entire collection of Tekkon Kinkreet Black and White by Taiyo Matsumoto. I didn’t really think about it when buying these but these two books together weighed a ton and gave my arms a serious workout. The souvenir book is filled with everything which was presented within the exhibition as well as extra info. Tekkon Kinkreet follows the story of two orphans named Kuro (black) and Shiro (white) who deal with and try and fight against the yakuza who are trying to take over their home town. Tekkon Kinkreet was actually introduced to me through the exhibition as I saw some of the artwork on display and thought it looked really interesting and different and lo and behold, when I got to the shop the manga was sitting there for me to grab.


Whilst shopping I also bought some goodies from Forbidden Planet including some Adventure Time bedsheets (I just couldn’t resist it) as well as three light novels. I’ve never actually read any light novels up until recently but when I saw that Forbidden Planet were selling the Monogatari series ones I just had to pick some up to try them out. I bought the first three volumes of Bakemonogatri which follows Araragi, a high-school student turned vampire turned human again who ends up helping various different girls who are all suffering with issues derived from either demons or gods. So far I’m really loving these light novels. They are quick and easy to read and it is interesting to read about characters in novel form after watching an anime featuring them. I’m so used to everything having visuals with anime and manga that it seems really different and unique to read a novel about anime characters.


And finally, at the Natural History Museum I picked up yet another book. This one is titled The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine, M.D. My mum actually found this book whilst we were browsing the museum shop and when she showed it to me I couldn’t stop reading it. The Female Brain takes readers through well, the female brain, and goes through its various stages of development as well as lots of interesting facts to do with it.


Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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