Nerdy Travels: The World Showcase and Illuminations

Continuing on with my Florida posts, my parents and I headed back into Epcot for the day. Whilst waiting for our bus at the hotel I managed to capture a beautiful photo of a butterfly which flew onto my mum’s shoulder and sat there for some time whilst I took some photos of it. I guess the little guy liked all the attention we were giving it.

After my butterfly photo shoot the bus arrived and we arrived at the park. When arriving at Epcot we decided to head back to the World Showcase and finish up wandering around the countries which we missed on our first trip to Epcot. We started off in Mexico which has a really awesome indoor area which is perfect for exploring when it is either too hot or rainy. Mexico had a little Coco exhibit as you entered as well as these amazing Day of the Dead statues featuring both human and animal brides and grooms. The inside is looks like a town square featuring lots of traditional crafts from Mexico including Day of the Dead items, clothing and jewellery as well as a restaurant at the back along with the Grand Fiesta Tour ride.

After Mexico we headed into Norway which is home to the Frozen ride. I managed to FastPass the Frozen ride which I was pretty happy about as the last time we visited Epcot in 2016 the Frozen ride had 2 to 3 hour long wait times which is just insane. Whilst I enjoyed the Frozen ride for what it was, I will say that it is most certainly not worth a 2 to 3 hour wait. I mean no ride is ever worth that but you get the point.

Alongside the Frozen ride, Norway is also home to The Wandering Reindeer Shop, the Gods of the Vikings exhibit as well a range of Norwegian baked goods. We decided to have a snack whilst in Norway and I got a cupcake which I believe was simply named ‘Princess Anna’s Birthday Cupcake’ or something along those lines. It had adorable little snowflake sprinkles on it and was absolutely delicious.

China was our next destination for the day. China features a massive shop featuring all things relating to the country including panda plushies, traditional clothing, small furnishings such as beautifully decorated paper lanterns and even books on the language. The shop also had a small collection of pins and other items all the way from Shanghai Disney and I had to pick up one of the exclusive pins for my pin collection. My face lit up when I found Shanghai merchandise as I never expected WDW to stock anything from other Disney parks around the world. I wish the countries such as France and Tokyo had some merchandise from Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disney as that would be even more amazing especially for Disney fanatics who want the exclusive merchandise.

China is also home to an exhibition hall featuring the Shanghai Disney park which is as close as I’m going to get to that park for the time being. It was really amazing to see some of the models, concept art and even some of the merchandise and cast member uniforms on display. It made me want to visit Shanghai Disney even more.

Germany was our last stop for the World Showcase in this day. Germany looks really quaint and is filled with German food, beer, lots of Werther’s Original style sweets and treats as well as lots of Christmas ornaments.

After finishing off around Germany we were getting tired and hungry and decided to head back around the World Showcase to get some food up in the food canteen up at The Land. We also decided to stay for the fireworks on this day as this would be one of our last chances to see the Illuminations Reflections of Earth show before it is discontinued next year. The show takes place around the lake which stands in the centre of the World Showcase and features a moving globe accompanied by a firework display and narrator.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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