Nerdy Travels: The Florida Mall

Taking a step away from theme parks, I decided I wanted to venture out to the Florida Mall. The main reason for visiting the Florida Mall was to visit HotTopic and BoxLunch. As a former emo kid, I cannot visit the US and not go to HotTopic.

When we first arrived at the mall we almost immediately found a store named ThinkGeek. ThinkGeek had a bunch of cool stuff including these amazing Star Trek cat t-shirts. I was particularly fond of the Spock cat one. I also visited a Spencers store. I have vaguely heard of Spencers but had never been in one before and on the whole they had some pretty cool geeky merchandise. I also remember wandering down to the back of the store and being met with adult products which shocked me because I wasn’t expecting it. After Spencers, I finally headed into HotTopic and spent way too much time browsing all the cute merchandise they had to offer. After spending way too much time and money in HotTopic, the last stop was BoxLunch. I again, spent way too much time and money in BoxLunch too as they do really cute fandom merchandise such as anime, Disney and games.

After we had finished up at the mall, my parents and I headed back home to the hotel. We decided to eat outside of Disney that day and headed down the road from the hotel to visit Miller’s Alehouse which do really great and fairly affordable food. Before we reached the restaurant we actually came across a little wild snake on the pathway. I’ve never seen a wild snake before so this was exciting to see as a reptile lover. I decided to google what they snake was and I think it was a none venomous ringneck snake. We made sure the little guy got himself into a bush before someone squished him.

Whilst we were at the restaurant, I kept eyeing the dessert menu which had a couple of different options on including this ridiculous and calorie filled ice cream cake. I cannot remember the official name of the cake but I know it had ice cream, Oreos, caramel and chocolate in it and it was one of the greatest things I have ever eaten. I dream of being able to eat that cake again one day…

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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4 thoughts on “Nerdy Travels: The Florida Mall

    1. I’m glad my perspective is interesting to you! 🙂 I understand what you mean and I think going on holiday to a country is a hell of a lot different than living there permanently. I’d probably have a very different opinion to someone who was just visiting my home town or country!


  1. Spencers is way, way toned down from what it was thirty or forty years ago…

    And yeah, the variety of reptile and insect life in Florida is staggering. The first time my wife (who is from Washington, a cold and damp climate) and I went geocaching in Florida I had to make sure she understood how different the two places are…. and that in Florida you NEVER stick your hand anywhere you can’t see.

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