Nerdy Travels: Overheating at Magic Kingdom

On this day we took a trip back to Magic Kingdom but our day was soon cut short. Writing it like that makes it sound more dramatic than it actually was but I suppose in a way it could be dramatic since I nearly passed out at a Disney park. The day started off pretty strong. We arrived at the park and headed down towards the Haunted Mansion once again and I took some pretty photos in Liberty Square as well as Rapunzel’s Tower. If I could suggest anything to add to Magic Kingdom I just want more Tangled themed buildings because the restrooms with the tower just isn’t enough! Ya girl needs more Tangled!

After The Haunted Mansion we decided to head onto the Liberty Bell riverboat which takes visitors around the surrounding lake within the park and heads through Tom Sawyers island. Park goers can actually step foot on the island and explore it on foot but we just opted for the scenic riverboat cruise that day and see it all from afar. Whilst cruising on the boat I was really starting to feel the weather getting to me. Although we were shaded from the sun, the humidity was just unbearable even for Florida’s standards. Even so, I wanted to do as much as I could that day and ploughed on through. Even though I was struggling with the weather I can say that the riverboat is a lot of fun and is a more relaxing way to spend some time in the park.

After the riverboat ride we headed towards the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The ride is usually not too long in terms of wait times so we decided to head in there for some more shelter from the sun. After finishing on the ride we headed straight across the way from the ride to one of the restaurants for a well deserved drink and sit down. My parents got this little rum cake which looked pretty delicious as well as very fitting for Pirates of the Caribbean.

We headed for Tomorrow Land after this and wandered passed Cinderella’s castle along the way. It was around this time that I really started to be bothered by the heat and we made the decision to head back home. I managed to drag myself out of the park and fortunately one of the boats which takes you to the transportation area was in so we hopped on that and I tried to keep as cool as I could. Apparently not only did I look like I was about to collapse but apparently my skin was burning so my mum was pretty worried about getting me home okay.

After arriving back at the hotel, I spent a few hours chilling out and cooling down. Air conditioning was truly my saving grace on this day, even more than usual. I think after I cooled down I feasted on cookies and watched some American Crunchyroll. As the sun was setting we decided to head into Disney Springs for a few hours. We lazily wandered around Disney Springs and I decided to buy a giant pizza pillow from one of the giant Disney stores. Honestly the pizza pillow is one of my greatest purchases as I love pizza and being comfortable.

To finish off the night we decided to go get ice cream at a place called Ghirardelli. The hotel we were staying at had this giant advert for this place on the elevator so, every time we’d go to and from the room we would see this giant sundae advert staring us in the face. The advert did its job and we decided to try out the sundaes on this day. I decided to get the ‘Ocean Beach’ sundae which was vanilla ice cream with chocolate and salted caramel sauce. The whipped cream on top also had actual pieces of salt on it too which sounds kind of strange in theory but it tasted so good. After eating the ‘Ocean Beach’ sundae, Ghirardelli is now my all time favourite ice cream place.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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4 thoughts on “Nerdy Travels: Overheating at Magic Kingdom

  1. Sound like a bout of heat exhaustion there. Always important to nip that in the bud before it progresses. People who feel that way and yet keep pushing are taking a risk.

    Last time I felt that way I soaked my hair and clothes with water and rested in the shade. Cold drinks and cold compresses will help too.

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  2. As my wife loves to remind me – I’m the guy who once ate pizza for at least two meals a day for a solid week, and then bragged about it. 🙂

    And yah, the Florida heat is something. When I was there for my mom’s funeral in August, I was reminded just how much living in Florida consists of moving from one air conditioned bubble to the next.

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