Nerdy Travels: A Disney Springs Kind Of Day

This was a really chilled out day in Florida for us. I think after my overheating issue the day previous, we decided to play it safer and just take things slow. We headed down to IHOP for breakfast and I got this ‘trying to be aesthetic but totally failing’ photo of my to go cup of coffee.

After breakfast we then headed down to Disney Springs for the rest of the day. Disney Springs have a Uniqlo store filled with not only the regular simplistic clothing they usually sell but also lots of fun and unique collections. The collections they had in stock included Disney, BTS/BT21, Blizzard Entertainment, Marvel, Street Fighter and Manga/Anime. I lost my mind a bit when I saw the Manga collection as they had so many amazing anime and manga series collabs including My Hero Academia, Bleach, Detective Conon and my personal favourite, Gintama!

We spent the rest of the evening wandering around and enjoying the scenery and atmosphere whilst also doing some shopping. At one point during the evening we were standing by the lake and listening to one of the bands which play regularly there who were playing some really awesome and beautiful music in Spanish. Lots of people were dancing to the music and it was just lovely to stand there and see everyone so happy and having a good time.

Although not a lot was achieved on this day in terms of doing activities it was still a lot of fun to both do and look back on! That is what a holiday is all about though!

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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