Nerdy Travels: Crazy Storms and Winning at Toy Story Mania

After a couple of more chilled out days due to the extremely hot weather, we went back into the Disney parks and headed out to Hollywood Studios for the afternoon. When we arrived at the park we actually saw the brand new ropeway which was being tested. I think when the ropeway is finally up and running it takes park goers through some of the hotels and into the Hollywood Studios and Epcot parks. I wish it had been fully operational when we were there as I know it would be an amazing way to travel through Disney. The Disney parks will soon have forms of transportation including both by water and by air as well as by bus and I think that is pretty awesome.

When we entered into the park we headed down towards the classic attraction, The Muppets: Muppetvision 3D. I always love visiting the Muppetvision 3D attraction as it never fails to make me laugh. I love the Muppets so much. The Muppets area had been renovated a little compared to my previous visit back in 2016. Hollywood Studios had officially opened up the PizzaRizzo restaurant which sits across from the attraction.

After we’d finished in the Muppets the weather become increasingly worse and some rain and wind started to come in. I think that literally as we exited from the Muppets, it started raining which is just our luck. In other news, I took this cute photo of a duck (hey, that rhymes).

Although the weather was getting increasingly worse, we wandered around for a bit. I reminisced over the late The Great Movie Ride in the Chinese Theatre which is now being revamped. Damn I miss that ride. We then decided to venture over to Toy Story Land as we had booked a FastPass on the Toy Story Mania ride (a new personal favourite of mine).

I think we got in to Toy Story Mania in perfect timing since the weather was getting increasingly worse. This time I managed to actually win at the ride which I was super excited and proud about because usually my mum always wins at the shooter style games. Since I was so proud of winning I decided to take a photo in celebration of my win as player two with 34% accuracy. Go me!

After we’d finished up in Toy Story Mania we decided to head back to the hotel and have a more chilled out evening since most of the rides in Hollywood Studios were closed due to weather anyway. When we got back home, the weather had really turned for the worst and the clouds were black. Sure, the day was drawing to a close so, of course the sky would look dark but these were some sinister looking clouds.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Nerdy Travels: Crazy Storms and Winning at Toy Story Mania

  1. I’ve been to the original Chinese Theatre… and for all the hype over the years, it’s actually pretty small and shabby looking. Still it was pretty interesting to see all the hand and footprints.

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