Nerdy Travels: Finding Nemo the Musical and American Grocery Stores

Animal Kingdom was the main activity on this day. The first stop was the Finding Nemo The Musical. We FastPassed this attraction and so we got to enter the building early, find a good spot and chill out for a bit out of the hot sun.

The musical basically entails the Finding Nemo film as a condensed musical version of its original Pixar counterpart. The musical features puppets which are operated by stage performers who sing, act and move around the stage as the characters. It is really interesting to see as I cannot imagine how much training it takes to sing, act and manually operate a puppet all at the same time whilst staying in character. Some of the characters even come out off of the stage and into the isles for specific scenes and it is just a whole lot of fun. After we had finished there we headed up towards Asia and stopped off at this little outdoor cafe/drink stop where my parents got these frozen rum and coke drinks. Apparently they were really good but I decided to stick to my regular order of Diet Coke.

After we’d finished up with the drinks we then decided to head into Africa to grab some snacks. I was really craving another pack of apple slices with caramel dip so we headed for the fruit stand which also sell cute Mickey shaped pretzels. Maybe one day I’ll actually try a Mickey pretzel as they always smell super good! Whilst munching down on my apples we saw this funky looking bird in the tree above us which looked like it had a mohawk.

Punk bird!


The Pandora River Journey ride was the next stop on our itinerary followed by It’s Tough to be a Bug.

After that we decided to head back home for the evening and go out for dinner at Miller’s Ale House before stopping off to grab some groceries for the hotel room. And by groceries I mean snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. We headed over to Walgreens as the sun was setting and we walked past lots of different restaurants and franchises, most of which we don’t have back home. It was the perfect time to take some pretty photos too!

img_3553img_3554WalgreensStreet Sign in Floridaimg_3560img_3562Bargain World in Florida, USASouvenir Store in Florida, USAimg_3565

I’m a huge fan of visiting stores and restaurants that I don’t have back home so places like Walgreens are a genuinely fun place for me to visit and explore whilst picking up some snacks or other essentials. I usually like looking at all the sweets/candy and finding and buying stuff we don’t have in the UK. On this particular trip I found a ton of different flavoured M&M’s which all looked pretty delicious including coffee and caramel ones! I even found some patriotically packaged ones for Independence Day!


Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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