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A Beginner’s Guide to Anime and Manga

It’s the start of the very special festival! The Animanga Festival to be exact. Now, for those of you who haven’t heard about this festival it is basically a celebration of anime and manga fans who create blogging and/or vlogging content. October is going to be filled with lots of amazing content ranging from writing prompts to fun activities and events which will be sprinkled throughout the month. I was so excited when I was invited to take part and so to kick off the festival on my little blogging corner I’m going to discuss what anime and manga I would introduce to first timers who are brand new and bright eyed to the wacky world of anime.

Anime – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood anime.jpg

Is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood a really cliche answer for this? Yes. Am I going to stand my ground and go with it anyway? Also yes! Now, in the anime community this is a staple piece for most anime watchers. It is beloved by many including myself and the fact that it is so universally liked by anime fans really helps with my argument that it is perfect for first timers. Unlike your standard slice of life anime or your typical harem anime, Brotherhood is an anime which doesn’t rely too much on standard anime tropes which go over non anime watchers heads. Y’know, like the slice of bread in your mouth whilst running to school because you’re late? Or the skirt blowing up in the breeze for a  panty shot humour? Yeah, most first timers aren’t gonna appreciate that kind of reference so anime like Brotherhood are a nice smooth introduction into the world of anime without overwhelming the first timer. Although it is on the longer side with a total of 64 episodes I think it would give first time watchers something stable to sink their teeth into for a while. None of that unfinished anime nonsense like lots of series bring. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood has that typical anime flair with its concepts and characters whilst still being appealing to people who are unfamiliar with anime. The plot is not only simple and easy to follow but also rewarding to see unfold and actually leaves the watcher feeling satisfied after finishing it.

Manga – My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia manga.jpg

I’m not sure why I associate shounen series as being good for first timers but apparently I do think that very much since My Hero Academia is my manga of choice for first time manga readers. I think the fact that MHA is about on super heroes and villains is what prompted me to include this as my manga of choice considering how much the West is soaked in superhero related media. Everywhere you look these days you see something Marvel or DC related. Super hero related content is ingrained into the brain whether we like it or not. So, to me it makes sense that My Hero Academia could be a great start for first time manga readers. Not only is it a concept which is familiar to a western reader but it is a highly popular series currently within the otaku community and I’m sure people who aren’t into manga have probably heard of it. It isn’t anything too obscure which makes it easier to access whilst also having a fun and engaging story accompanied with a huge range of lovable characters. I think a lot of first time readers could easier get into reading this series. Plus, since it is such a hot topic in the community it gives first timers something to bond with other manga readers on!

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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16 thoughts on “A Beginner’s Guide to Anime and Manga

    1. Oh I’m so sorry! I tried to get the word out as much as possible by campaigning on Twitter, but it seems I missed many people!
      I will be trying to put up another similar event again, I’ll be sure to tag you!
      Do you have a Twitter account? Can you drop me your @?

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      1. Wait, are you talking to me or A Nerdy Perspective? If you are talking to me, I don’t use twitter much besides for personal stuff but it’s @ Girl98Anime.
        I dont use it for writing/blogging stuff there sadly though!

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  1. Shounen stories are usually the easiest to understand. Obvious heroes, obvious villains, if there is any complexity or depth, it gets introduced gradually. You might think of a shoujo for girls to get started on.

    I also think of Totoro and Spirited Away as great starters. Then there are some people I’d try Cowboy Bebop on.

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    1. Yeah, I totally agree with you about shounen. It is such an easy one to start people on and you’re also right about shoujo. I hadn’t consdiered that but I often forget that the two genres are targetted to certain demographics since I just enjoy all of it XD

      Ghibli movies are also a good one too!


      1. Yea. I remember one time when wife and I went to a G-Kids film, assuming it was as family-friendly as all the other G-Kids films we’d seen. So far there’d been things like Ghibli and Shinkai and SAO movie and such. The movie that time turned out to be Perfect Blue. A number of people left and my wife ended up offended by the sexual violence, assuming it was a sick male fantasy.

        This is what happens when you make a blanket assumption that anime is all for children. I read a couple of reviews of the movie. They made it sound like an ordinary mystery when it is really a psychosexual thriller. It was like reading a review saying that Psycho was about stolen money and a mysterious guy running a motel.

        Personally, I thought it was an incredible movie, something Hitchcock would have made if he did anime. But not something you’d expect at a movie series aimed at children.

        Since then I haven’t seen anything controversial in the series. Millenium Woman, also by Satoshi Kon, was brilliant.

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      2. Oh wow, yeah Perfect Blue certainly isn’t for everyone and shouldn’t have been promoted to be an ordinary anime or mystery film! It’s crazy to me that people still believe anime is for children especially with adult cartoons like Family Guy and Rick and Morty floating around in the West.

        Perfect Blue is a fantastic movie when you know what you’re getting yourself into but yeah it is certainly no children’s film.


  2. I feel depending on the anime, that they are way better than American cartoons. There is such great plots and story lines than there are in our cartoons. One anime I love is fruit basket and it has been rebooted for a newer style this year and it turned out great. Full metal alchemist is great and sad but it told a wonderful story of these two brothers and I was so happy to have finally finished it years ago.

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    1. Yeah I gotta agree with you there! Whilst I love some American cartoons (mainly ‘kids’ ones lol) anime is often on a whole different level with its stories, ideas and animation which I adore. Both Fruits Basket and FMA are absolute classics for me and I love them both dearly!


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