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Nerdy’s Collection of Best Work

Todays prompt for The Animanga Festival is to do with showcasing some of your best work which means I get to talk about some of my best and most memorable work as a blogger so far. I have been blogging for some time now and so I have grown quite the catalogue of blog posts, some of which still have a place in my heart as being some of my best and brightest work.

Erased Live Action Review

Erased Netflix

My Erased live action series review is still one of my all time favourite posts and is a post I will always remember as blowing up for some odd reason. I wrote this back in December of 2016 just after it had aired on Netflix and it was my first time ever reviewing something other than and anime or manga. Not only was it my first review outside of anime and manga but it was my first ever Asian drama experience which was a truly enjoyable one. I think the way that this post blew up has always made this to be one of my most memorable pieces in my mind which is why I wanted to include it. Alongside that fact, I also really loved dissecting the series and making comparisons to the anime series. It was a whole lot of fun to put this post together and people to this day still seem to enjoy reading it.

Nerdy Travels: The British Museum Manga Exhibition

The British Museum in London

My British Museum post is a fairly new addition into my Nerdy Travels series but it is one of my favourite pieces I have worked on so far. As soon as I found out about the exhibition and realised there was a possibility for me to visit myself I was filled with excitement about it. I had so much fun not only exploring the exhibit for myself but also sharing and documenting it on here for you guys to check out. I wanted this post to be filled with lots of photos, info and tidbits on the whole experience and so it really stands out as one of my strongest travel pieces of writing.

Don’t Drink and Dive (Grand Blue Dreaming Anime Review)


I just had to sneak an anime review into this list of some of my favourite work and decided on my Grand Blue Dreaming anime review which I did back in June. I’ve decided to include this one out of the catalogue of other reviews I have sitting on my blog because, well, the title I gave the review. That’s right, the title. Honestly, the ‘don’t drink and dive’ pun which I came up with is probably the greatest title for a review I have ever made (and probably will ever make). It was a stroke of hilarious genius for me when I thought of it and I know it gave a few people a chuckle when I originally posted it. It’s a silly reason I know but I’m damn proud of my punniness (plus the actual review is pretty great too if I do say so myself).

Nerdy Travels: The Little Things I Love About Japan

To finish off my collection of best works from yours truly I just had to include a Japan related post. Whilst I love my whole collection of Japan related posts for some reason my post titled ‘The Little Things I Love About Japan’ really stands out to me. Whilst I adore all the amazing and more grand parts of Japan, for some reason shining a light on the smaller, more mundane parts of visiting the country brings me a great deal of joy. Some of the things I think about most include the little things like going to a convenience store or Mister Dounut. This post is just a really fun post which I still love and I think gives readers another aspect to the wonders of Japan!

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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