A Nerdy Perspective Turns Two!

IT IS MY BLOGS SECOND BIRTHDAY!!! Happy birthday A Nerdy Perspective!!!


I cannot believe it has been two whole years since I set up this blog. That is crazy and I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by. I say this on every milestone or other blogging occasion but I’ll say it again. When I originally set up my blog I was terrified. I thought no one would read it and if they did they would think I was wrong and would completely tear me to shreds about my own thoughts and experiences with my hobbies. We all know how the internet is and how scary the anime community can be towards people sometimes so can you really blame me? I braced myself for incoming hate which, never really showed up. Instead I was met with a range of extremely kind, likeminded individuals who openly welcome new ideas, perspectives and takes on our favourite hobbies and interests.

Over the two years I have been blogging I have gotten up to a whole bunch of crazy antics which I thought would be fun to share briefly in celebration of my blog birthday.

My Travel Game Stepped Up

When I set up A Nerdy Perspective originally, I had recently just come home from Japan for the very first time which sparked my later decision to create myΒ Nerdy TravelsΒ series. Since then I have done a whole bunch of travelling including going back to Japan , a couple of weekend trips to London and even visiting the sunny state of Florida. My little travel series has grown into something I am super proud of and can not wait to continue to add to it. I wanna travel the world and document it all here and just the thought of that fills me with excitement!

I’m a Third Year Now!

My blog started BECAUSE of my university degree endeavours. This probably wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t decided to go into studying music journalism. I was about two weeks into my first year when I gained the courage to set this corner of the internet up for myself and since then I have successfully passed both my first and second year and I am now a third year. Third year is a big scary thing in my mind but I’m proud I got this far and I am hoping to go even further in the next couple of years! I think first year me would be very proud of what third year me has achieved when it comes to writing and blogging.

My Blog is Bigger and Better Than Ever

My blog has grown so much over two years in terms of both a following and views and content produced. Not too long ago I hit 500 followers which is still a crazy number to me. I never imagined getting to such a number and now I’m here I can only imagine where I might be in another one or two years. Not only have I somehow grown this nerdy army of readers but I have also grown a pretty hefty catalogue of content and my review list just keeps growing. I love seeing the long list of anime I have written about and it gives me a great sense of pride as an otaku. I have also enjoyed branching out into other areas of reviewing including books and manga, gaming and even films and documentaries!

I’m an Anime Expert Now!

Well, not quite an expert in anime but I like to think that I know what I’m talking about at this point. I have watched over 500 anime within the past 5 and a half years which I think is a pretty big number. Setting up A Nerdy Perspective really helped me step up my anime game in terms of both the amount I consume as well as how I see, analyse and review anime. I have now trained my brain to dissect content and sometimes I don’t even realise which I think is a pretty fun thing to be able to do. Without A Nerdy Perspective I don’t know if I would have ever really strengthened this skill and whilst I’m not really an expert on anime, I think it is my speciality as a writer these days.

Thank You!!

Finally, I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has given my blog a chance over the past two years. Whether you have been here since day one or whether you are brand new to my nerdy corner of the internet I truly appreciate each and every one of you for giving my blog a chance. Over the past two years I have had times where I have been in full force of posting lots of cool content and I have also had quieter times where I’m too busy with life stuff to update you guys or share my thoughts and adventures. If you have somehow stuck around through both of those times then I cannot thank you enough for your continuous support. Every like, comment, follow and share means so much to me and encourages me to be the best writer I possibly can be! I hope to create even more amazing content for you guys going forward and I hope you’ll stick around to see it!

My Hero Academia.gif

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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29 thoughts on “A Nerdy Perspective Turns Two!

  1. I started a blog here about the same time (so two years ago, roughly). Fell out of it due to time constraints and whatnot, but started browsing the Reader again just a few weeks ago. I was pleasantly surprised that most, if not all of the bloggers I subscribed to back then are still doing their thing. Congrats! Keep on doing what you’re doing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so cool that we started around the same time but yeah I totally get the time constraint thing! It isn’t always easy to blogging into everything else! I’m happy to hear that your reader is still filled with lots of blogging content and I have to say my reader is the same in that respect which is awesome πŸ˜„ Thank you!!


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