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My Dream Crossover: Dandy Meets Bebop

It is day 19 of The Animanga Festival and this month has just totally flown by so far! Today’s prompt is about what crossover I would love to see. The crossover which I had always found to be so perfect and would love to see is a Space Dandy X Cowboy Bebop crossover anime/episode.

Cowboy bebopSpace Dandy

One of the reasons I would love to see this crossover is because these two series are supposedly set in the same universe although hundreds and perhaps even thousands of years apart from one another. Not only that but the two share the same director, Shinichiro Watanabe so the crossover would work beautifully if it ever came into being.

Space dandy animeCowboy Bebop anime

Can you just imagine for a second, if you got Dandy, Spike and company in a room. Honestly it would make for the funniest crossover as I just know they would probably be at each others throats about everything and anything. They could all end up meeting one another at a trip to Boobies. Dandy would be trying his hardest to act like his “cool” funny self whilst Spike would actually be the cool one annoying Dandy with his signature cool attititude and cigarette in toll. Ed would probably get her little hands on QT and she would be messing about with the poor robot until kingdom come. Meow might be over annoying Faye or Jet and I can imagine Honey somehow getting Faye into one of Boobies signature waitress outfits.

space dandy boobies

The two crews could then go out and bizarre adventures together Space Dandy style and hunt for aliens. I can imagine Spike and crew would probably be WAY better at Dandy at hunting for aliens and the Dandy and Spike would definitely be in competition with one another about it.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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