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Hot Minute – ‘Hell Is Empty’ Single Review

Hot Minute is back on A Nerdy Perspective once again! Back in May this year the glamorous gothic trio debuted their very first single titled ‘Magic’ which I had the privilege of reviewing. This time around, I’ll be reviewing their second single release titled ‘Hell Is Empty’.

thumbnail_Hell is empty square artwork

When debut track ‘Magic’ dropped it packed one hell of a punch (pun intended) and ‘Hell Is Empty’ is an equally fiery hot track to sink ones teeth into. Waiting all these months for the second single to drop was more than worth the wait as Hot Minute are killing it with their music.


Lyrically, the track has a dark tone to it with lines such as “baby hell is empty and all the devils are here”. Hot Minute manages to balance these spooky vibes with the sweetness and fun of synth-pop. Hot Minute seem to be masters of balancing dark concepts with light and pop driven tones and it makes their sound fun and fresh whilst still in keeping with their gothic aesthetic. The synthesisers and melodic riffs play delicately on the ears but, ‘Hell Is Empty’ has an almost predatory vibe to it. The track slowly builds up with lurking pace lines such as “hiding in the shadows” and “creeping through the night” before leaping into the climatic chorus for their musical attack. When the track is matched alongside its gorgeous visual art, I can just see a whole new story and world unfolding before me and I adore everything about it. Visually the track starkly contrasts the debut single ‘Magic’ with its red, orange and black colour palette whilst still staying true to their overall neon and Japanese vibes. ‘Hell Is Empty’ feels like the perfect anthem to march into hell and kick some devil ass with and if that isn’t epic then I don’t know what is!

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