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Demons VS Demon Slayers Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Review

Genre: Shonen, action, supernatural, fantasy, adventure, historical

Rating: 15

Studio: Ufotable

Episodes: 26


In the Taisho era of Japan lives a boy named Kamodo Tanjiro and his family who sell coal for a living. One day whilst Tanjiro is out of the house his whole family is slaughtered by demons. His younger sister Nezuko is the lone survivor of the attack but she has been transformed into a demon and is hungry for blood. From that moment on Tanjiro sets himself down the path of protecting Nezuko at all costs whilst he finds a way to turn her human once again. He decides to enrol himself into the Demon Slaying Corps in order to grow stronger and to find a cure for Nezuko.


I was pretty late to the Demon Slayer game as I only began watching it in August. I know, I was extremely late jumping on the hype train but I got there in the end. I think a combination of everyone singing the anime’s praise as well as the adorable screenshots of Nezuko is what sold me.

Nezuko from Demon Slayer anime
I mean just look at her! How can you not love Nezuko!

Demon Slayer’s overall concept is nothing new within the anime world and the basic concepts reminds me of other series such as Attack on Titan. This isn’t a bad thing as this kind of revenge/salvation story is very popular within the anime community and I’m sure it attract even those outside of the community. Even if the story isn’t anything fresh in terms of a concept, you cannot help get sucked into watching it all unfold throughout the 26 episodes. The characters however, are what sells this show in my opinion. Demon Slayer offers up a range of broad and unique characters which often clash in terms of their personality traits such as that of the wimpish Zenitsu and brutish Inosuke. The character dynamics make for a range of content both lighter and more serious which is something I always look for in anime.

Demon Slayer review.jpg

One of the biggest strengths that Demon Slayer has to offer is its art style. It is like the anime industry and Hokusai had a baby and Demon Slayer was born. Tanjiro’s water breathing waves look like that of the classic The Great Wave piece which is probably why I connected the anime to the famous painter. The art style by itself has a very unique style which I made viewing the series even more enjoyable. The characters eyes are especially distinctive as whilst they are still clearly within the anime style, they have been tweaked to the original authors style which I love to see shine through into an anime series. Each character seems to have a lot of thought put into them when it came down to the overall design process. They feel unique and the rich colour palette used on each character is just so inviting and enticing to someone like me who is very visually driven with anime. Character designs such as that of Rui and other demons such as the Twelve Kizuki could almost be called extravagant as they are so beautifully detailed with their overall designs.

Demon slayer anime review.jpg
Demon Slayer anime review.png

Towards the end of the seasons run, a following movie was announced to continue on the story. Whilst I was hoping for a full on second season of Demon Slayer, I am still pretty happy that we’ll get a continuation through a film format. Anime continuing through films seems to be a popular trend over the past couple of years which I can’t complain about. I do hope for another full season in the future though as I cannot get enough of this anime.

In conclusion, Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba is a fantastic series which is bound to be on a lot of peoples favourite lists for 2019. I know it’ll be on my favourites list for the year. So much so that I have started investing my time in the manga in order to fill the void that Demon Slayer left.

Overall rating: 9/10

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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