Hot Minute – ‘Drive’ Single Review

It is that time once again where I get to review a brand new single by Hot Minute! I have reviewed their past two singles titled ‘Magic’ and ‘Hell is Empty’ which are both amazing tracks (and reviews if I do say so myself).

If you have read any other reviews from me then you’ll probably know I like to gush over visuals so when Hot Minute’s ‘Drive’ campaign begin they really got me excited for their next release. These three really don’t pull any punches when it came to their visual aesthetics as their gothic glam look mixed in some Charlie’s Angels (without Charlie because who needs him) with some major Matrix vibes which just added to the overall excitement of this release.

Hot Minute Drive Single

‘Drive’ is as soft and as smooth as butter as the track just glides along carrying the listener on a soft and dreamy trip of synth-pop goodness. One of the coolest things that Hot Minute always seem to nail with their music is the audio and visual storytelling and ‘Drive’ tells a fabulous musical story. As well as being the perfect addition to any car playlist, the track when accompanied by the visuals just paints the most stunning and bright picture. When listening you can clearly imagine cruising the city at night, the best tunes blasting from the radio, all encompassed by neon lights of the city.


Alongside the lyrical lines such as “don’t look baby just drive” and “drive so fast it’s the best thing you do” which literally refer to going on a drive of some sort, the track embodies the idea of escapism and escaping current reality to chase a dream. ‘Drive’ really captures the idea of escapism and the soft, dreamy atmosphere makes this message very empowering as a female listener. The track and its overall musical tone has a soft femininity to it yet its message and delivery feels so strong and fierce. I just feel like a total badass who can conquer anything when listening to ‘Drive’ and that is what Hot Minute are all about!

Alongside feeling like a total badass, I noticed a focus on the use of synthesisers in order to create the soft, dreamy and romantic tone. The synthesiser really caught my ear in the track but I also loved the echoing guitar licks which sparkle delicately on the ears. The two really compliment one another and just blend together perfectly. ‘Drive’ also embraces the use of the saxophone which was the cherry on top on this 80s synth-pop cake. The saxophone solo which was the climax of the track just added that extra pop of colour, adding a smooth and sultry aura to the rest of the track. If you love to feel empowered and want an anthem for your next dream chasing escapade then ‘Drive’ is the perfect song for you! You can now stream ‘Drive’ on Spotify and Apple Music.

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