A Nerdy Perspective Turns 3!

It’s official, A Nerdy Perspective has just turned three years old! My blog is now of toddler age which is so crazy to think about. Happy birthday to my blog!

Where to begin, I think first of all to start this celebratory blog post I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supports my blog. When I originally set out on this journey, I had no idea what I was doing or what it would lead to. This blog anniversary feels particularly special this year as the anniversary ties in with graduating university which is the main reason this little site exists in the first place. Back in May of this year, I officially finished my three year Music Journalism degree and received first class honours for it! In a pandemic of all things too!

I’ve spent the best part of this year, like many others I’m sure, drowning in stress, anxiety and wondering what will the future holds. Whilst the stress of being in the final year of university has been a challenge in itself, the added worry of the global pandemic made me feel like finishing uni was nearly impossible. But, I persevered! I finished my very own magnum opus which was my dissertation which was the most stressful yet rewarding piece of work I have ever made. My blog has sadly taken a backseat for most of the year because of all this but I’m so happy to sink my teeth back into it again and I’m so proud of how far both my blog and I have come over the past three years.

I think I have said this every year so far but I cannot believe just how far this site has come. I remember when I first set the site up I was terrified. I mulled the idea of a blog over for weeks, thinking of a name (that wasn’t super cringey), thinking about the content I’d create, thinking about all the criticism I may face before finally plucking up the courage to set it all up. Hitting the publish button for the first time was utterly terrifying yet so rewarding as a writer. Three years later I still get nervous from time to time about the content I upload on here but thankfully all of my fears of hate or criticism dwindled very quickly at the start of my blogging journey. In fact, I was met with open arms into the wonderful little anime community on here and have gotten to know so many lovely people who feel just as passionate about anime as I do. Alongside meeting all the lovely bloggers on here, one of my favourite things about starting this blog is the fact that as a reviewer, my words have actually inspired them to go out and read and watch things I think are good. As a reviewer there is truly no better feeling!

I’m hoping now I have a lot more free time, I can really put my all into this blog and create lots of fun content for you guys. I’ll be posting my usual anime and manga content and I’m hoping to branch out into doing some new stuff too and experiment with my content a little. Don’t worry, it’ll still be as nerdy as ever! Hopefully travel posts will come in the future too when travelling is safe again (fingers crossed for next year).

To end this very long, very sappy post, I just want to say another big thank you to all of you. Without you guys, my words would just be thrown into the eternal void. Whether you have been here since day one, joined just today or anywhere else in between, thank you! Thank you for giving me a chance and thank you for encouraging me to become a better writer and reviewer.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

17 thoughts on “A Nerdy Perspective Turns 3!

  1. Happy birthday to Nerdy Perspective! Looking forward to all your new content! Of course, also congratulations to you as well for graduating university!

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  2. Happy birthday and blogoversary to A Nerdy Perspective!! 🙂 Super congratulations on getting your degree! You worked so hard and I’m super proud of you, Sam. ♥

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