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Bring Me The Horizon ‘Post Human: Survival Horror’ – Album Review

Back in October 2020 Bring Me The Horizon released their latest album titled Post Human: Survival Horror. This is the first instalment of the band’s latest musical project going under the name Post Human.

This album truly took me by surprise in the best way possible. As someone who was once a big fan and regular listener of Bring Me The Horizon, this album felt like a throwback to the older sound which I fell in love with when I was 13-years old. Being introduced to the band through albums like Suicide Season and There Is a Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen it. There Is a Heaven Let’s Keep It a Secret, I felt a slight betrayal from the band when they shifted the direction of their sound. The band broke away from their deathcore/metalcore roots to pursue the mainstream sound to a more mainstream audience and teenage me was not too impressed with this change.

Post Human: Survival Horror however, feels like the band paying a homage to their origins and fans like me who fell head over heels for their brutal sound. Whilst the album isn’t an exact replica of their original sound, there is plenty of deathcore moments to feed fans like me. The album excellently balances the brutal guitars and Oli Sykes’ demonic growls with the lighter more standard rock sound. The two genres mix beautifully into an epic hybrid creating something which is a real treat to listen to.

One of the biggest points of interest for me when listening to this album are the guest musicians which appear throughout the record. Four out of the nine tracks on the album feature a guest artist. This is a pretty substantial amount of tracks to have guest artists on and guests from a range of backgrounds and sub-genres too! In Septemeber the band released their first single for the album which was ‘Obey‘ featuring Yungblud. Being a current fan of Yungblud, I put my reservations aside and decided to give it a listen to which I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the track. To my delight, when I did finally sit down and listen to the full album I saw guest appearances from other artists including Babymetal, Nova Twins and Amy Lee from Evanescence. Sprinkling in artists from sub-genres including punk rock, kawaii metal and indie rock creates this wonderful mixture which those with heavier and more alternative tastes just cannot help but enjoy.

Overall Post Human Survival Horror is an excellent musical move from Bring Me The Horizon. The album is a mixing pot for artists and alternative genres which felt like the breath of fresh air I needed from the band in order to sink my teeth back into their music. I’m curious to see what their next Post Human album will consist of. Lead singer Oli Sykes stated that each of four Post Human albums will have their own unique sound and vibe to them so wonder if they’ll incorporate other more experimental genres into their upcoming work. Whilst I wait to see what they do next, I’ll be more than happy to keep Post Human: Survival Horror in my currently listening to pile.

Overall rating: 8/10

4 thoughts on “Bring Me The Horizon ‘Post Human: Survival Horror’ – Album Review

  1. As a big fan of BMTH, my opinion says that this album is kinda like a compilation of their overall sound throughout their career so far, and I love this album so much. The biggest part that surprised me was when they released their track featuring Babymetal from Japan, man that one was and is and will always be a banger. Thumbs up for your review man. 👍🤘

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    1. Yeah I understand what you mean with that. I think the album showcases how their sound has grown over the years really well. I was very surprised to see Babymetal featured on the album! Never in a million years did I see a collab like that coming haha but yes it is such a banger! Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed my review 🙂

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