Nerdy’s Furry Friend Fundraiser!

Hello and welcome to a extremely exciting yet rather nerve wracking blog post for me! Starting from Friday I will be taking on the Blue Cross’s 1897 Challenge over on my Twitch channel!

The Blue Cross is a UK based charity which have been helping sick, injured and homeless pets for over 125 years. The charity began its journey back in 1897 in the streets of London and has continued to provide care and aid to animals through both world wars and help many kinds of pets including cats, dogs, horses and small pets such as hamsters, rabbits and more! In 2021 alone the Blue Cross helped to rehome over 3700 pets, over 25000 pets received veterinary care and over 27000 younger people were educated about pet welfare. My family and I are big supporters of the Blue Cross. We care very deeply about furry friends so this charity and challenge really means a lot to me as I’d love to do a bit of good and spread a bit of love and happiness!

The Blue Cross 1897 Challenge is a way for gamers and streamers like myself to help raise money to help sick, unwanted and injured pets across the United Kingdom. From the 18th March until 18th April I will be streaming over 1897 minutes, or just over 31 hours, worth of content over on my Twitch channel. Over this next month I’ll be streaming a bunch of different games and have even set up some challenges for myself if we hit certain donation targets plus they are other reward options to redeem such as feeding a dog, vaccinating a rabbit and helping to keep a cat safe and warm.

I’m both incredibly excited and nervous to begin this month long challenge but I think it is going to be a lot of fun. So, if you’d like to see me make a fool of myself in the challenges I’ve set myself or you just want to donate to a good cause then you can check out my fundraiser page for information on rewards, polls, donation goals and see me when I’m live!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

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