I’m Back! It’s Been a While!

Hello! It has been a while since my little corner of the internet was last active and I’m sorry for that. I never wanted to leave my little blog sitting in the dark like this for so long but that’s what happened. It was a culmination of things that had me take a step back from blogging, first of all finishing off my degree in the midst of covid, then trying to figure out what I wanted to do after finishing said degree, and just life in general getting in the way of things. For a while I really felt burnt out from writing so much for my degree that any kind of writing (including my beloved blog) felt like a mountain I was too scared to climb. So, I kind of subconsciously took a step back from blogging to focus on other writing ventures and occasionally I would dip into it when I mustered the courage to do so. For a while even looking at my blog would fill me with anxiety and I’d tell myself how I’d been gone for too long, it was too late to turn things around and get back on the blog wagon. I continued to spiral like that until recently when I gave myself the push I had been needing and started writing this very blog post. I told myself just start slow and go from there, write this post and all of that fear and anxiety will slowly start to melt away. And while a part of me is still filled with anxiety I know I’m heading in the right direction because I love my blog, it’s my baby which I have built from the ground up and I have truly missed sharing my hobbies with my readers!

So, with all that said I can say I’m happy to be coming back to my blog on a regular basis. My plan for the time being is to post at least once a week and I’m planning on writing my regular content such as anime and manga reviews but I may also sprinkle in other topics like gaming, music and other media I’m consuming if I’m feeling particularly inspired by something. All in all it feels good to be back and I cannot wait to share more of my hobbies and passions with you again!

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6 thoughts on “I’m Back! It’s Been a While!

  1. Yay, glad you’ve returned! The blog-o-sphere missed you. It’s totally understandable that you needed a little breather from blogging. Finishing up a degree is a lot of work and sometimes life just gets in the way of our beloved hobbies like blogging. It happens to everyone! I’m looking forward to your next posts. Have you had any time to watch some good anime? If you’d like some suggestions, Chainsaw man and SpyXFamily is very popular this season, and I personally recommend Bibliophile Princess, it’s very cute!

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    1. Thank you! I’ve missed the blog-I-sphere too!! It’s such a relief to know others such as yourself understand but I’m just really happy to be back up and running again! And I haven’t started the latest season of stuff yet but I’m very excited for both Chainsaw Man and Spy X Family, I watched the first season of Spy and it was amazing and I’ll have to look into that anime, thanks for the recommendation 😄

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