A Nerdy Perspective Turns 3!

It's official, A Nerdy Perspective has just turned three years old! My blog is now of toddler age which is so crazy to think about. Happy birthday to my blog! Where to begin, I think first of all to start this celebratory blog post I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who… Continue reading A Nerdy Perspective Turns 3!

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Caught in a Band Romance (Given Anime Review)

Genre: Romance, drama, music, boys love Rating: PG-13 Studio: Lerche Episodes: 11 Available on: Crunchyroll Overview: Uenoyama Ritsuka loves both playing the guitar and playing basketball but lately the two have become rather boring to him. One day Uenoyama encounters a boy named Sato Mafuyu at school carrying a guitar with broken strings. Uenoyama helps… Continue reading Caught in a Band Romance (Given Anime Review)