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My Favourite Junji Ito Stories

As Halloween is quickly approaching, I thought what would be more perfect than a post on Junji Ito, the father of horror manga himself! As someone who has been collecting Junji Ito's work for a few years now with the regular releases of the Viz Media editions I have cultivated a collection of his work… Continue reading My Favourite Junji Ito Stories

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The Purposeful Life and Death of Unus Annus

Memento Mori, Unus Annus. Remember death, one year. These words are the entire embodiment of Unus Annus (meaning "One Year" in Latin) and on 15th November 2019 these words resonated every single day until Friday 13th November 2020 when they went silent from the Internet forever, and died. Ethan Nestor (left) and Mark Fischbach (right)… Continue reading The Purposeful Life and Death of Unus Annus

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Bittersweet Adventures (Girls Last Tour Anime Review)

Genre: Slice of life, survival, cute girls doing cute things, adventure, post-apocalyptic Rating: 12+ Studio: White Fox Episodes: 12 Available on: HIDIVE Overview: Girls Last Tour is set in an dystopian future where two friends named Chito (Chi) and Yuuri (Yuu) seem to be the only humans left of civilisation. In the baron wasteland in… Continue reading Bittersweet Adventures (Girls Last Tour Anime Review)