My Anime Wrap Up 2019

The end of not only the year but also the decade is quickly approaching and my how time flies when you're watching anime! 2019 has been a pretty amazing year for anime IMO so I thought I'd share some of my favourites to come out before we move on to the next decade! I decided… Continue reading My Anime Wrap Up 2019

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A Demon Samurai Bloodbath (Dororo Anime Review)

Genre: Historical, supernatural, samurai, action, adventure, drama, shounen Rating: R-17+ Studio: MAPPA Episodes: 24 Available on: AmazonPrime Overview: Dororo is set during the times of Japan where samurai and war lords ruled the land. One of Dororo's protagonists named Hyakkimaru is born a bloody shell of himself as his father Diago Kagemitsu sacrifices him to… Continue reading A Demon Samurai Bloodbath (Dororo Anime Review)