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Nekopara Volume One: First Impressions

NekPara was on a long, long list of games I wished to play once finally owning a Nintendo Switch. The artwork really attracted me and who doesn't want to play a game full of adorable catgirls doing adorable catgirl things. Overview: NekoPara is a visual novel which is set in a world where humans live… Continue reading Nekopara Volume One: First Impressions

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Nintendo Switch: My First Impressions

Christmas 2018 has come and gone and we are now in the limbo between Christmas and New Years where all I do is eat chocolate, be lazy and enjoy my presents. This Christmas has been truly wonderful and I feel so lucky to have received everything I have. The main item I asked for this… Continue reading Nintendo Switch: My First Impressions


Spring Anime 2018: First Impressions Part 2

MegaloBox I never originally intended to give this anime a shot for the simple reason that I think boxing is a barbaric sport. After watching TheAnimeMan's video on this anime I decided I would give it a try at least as see what my initial opinion of it was instead of immediately writing it off.… Continue reading Spring Anime 2018: First Impressions Part 2

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Camping, Cup Noodles and Coziness (Yuru Camp First Impressions)

I began the first episode of Yuru Camp last night along with a few others that have finally started for the winter season. This show looks both tranquil and stunning! The episode started off with Rin who enjoys camping by herself near a lake where it is easy to see Mt Fuji. She sees a… Continue reading Camping, Cup Noodles and Coziness (Yuru Camp First Impressions)

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The Ancient Magus’ Bride: First Impressions

Genre: Shonen Released:¬†Autumn 2017 I decided to do a first impression on The Ancient Magus' Bride series that is currently airing. As I am only 3 episodes into this series I wanted to write about it but do not have a full series to review so I thought my first impressions would be the way… Continue reading The Ancient Magus’ Bride: First Impressions