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Two Faced Terror Tomie (Tomie Manga Review)

Genre: Horror, supernatural Rating: R-17 Chapters: 20 Author: Junji Ito Overview: After a tragic accident of falling off a cliff whilst on a class trip, Tomie appears dead as a dodo before her teachers and classmates eyes. In a frantic attempt to hide her body her teacher and male classmates begin to dismember her only… Continue reading Two Faced Terror Tomie (Tomie Manga Review)

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True Terror Through a Camera Lens (Outlast Review)

Genre: Horror, survival Rating: 18+ Developers: Red Barrels My playtime: 10+ hours Overview: After receiving an anonymous email the freelance journalist Miles Upshur goes to investigate and find out the truth of Mount Massive Asylum, a psychiatric hospital deep within the mountains of Colorado. With the help for your camcorder you make your way through… Continue reading True Terror Through a Camera Lens (Outlast Review)

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The Ultimate Gore Fest (Corpse Party: Tortured Souls Review)

Genre: Horror, supernatural, mystery Rating: R-17 Studio: Asread Episodes: 4 Available on: HIDIVE Overview: A group of nine students gather together after finishing up at their school festival. They gather around in one of their classrooms to bid a friend farewell as it will be her last day before she moves away. They decide to… Continue reading The Ultimate Gore Fest (Corpse Party: Tortured Souls Review)

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The Perfect Anime for Halloween

I figured that because we are in the season of spooks and Halloween is quickly approaching I would give you guys my top must watch anime this Halloween. Another Picture sourced from Google Images This is the perfect anime for anyone who loves gore, blood and guts! The synopsis of the show is about a… Continue reading The Perfect Anime for Halloween