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A Sweet Sadistic Maid and Co (Blend-S Review)

WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS! Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life Demographic: Seinen Studio: A-1 Pictures Episodes: 12 Originally ran from: October 8th- December 24th 2017 Languages Available: Japanese Subtitles Available (via Crunchyroll): English, Spanish and Portuguese  Manga Series: Yes Ahh yes everyone's favourite new meme that has been ever so popular this season! Even YouTubers like Pewdiepie have… Continue reading A Sweet Sadistic Maid and Co (Blend-S Review)

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King’s Game Anime Review

WARNING SPOILERS Episodes: 12 Rating: R (17+) Originally Aired: Autumn 2017 Genre: Seinen, Horror, Mystery Studio: Seven I never understood the saying "it's so bad its good" until watching King's Game. I have invested 12 weeks in watching this absurd horror anime but I couldn't take my eyes of it. Every week I tuned in… Continue reading King’s Game Anime Review

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Touch My Secret Live Review

Once again I'm adding something new to this little blog of mine (I hope you don't mind being constantly bombarded with new content that I want to explore and try out). So I give you my first live concert review! Image sourced from Google Images Last week I went to see the band Touch My… Continue reading Touch My Secret Live Review

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Ouran High School Host Club with Toy Guns

So I wanted to attempt reading and reviewing a manga series. Now I know many people do chapter by chapter reviews of series but I don't think I have the time to do each chapter because I read chapters in bulk so I thought I'd do volume by volume (who knows whether this will work… Continue reading Ouran High School Host Club with Toy Guns

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The Ancient Magus’ Bride: First Impressions

Genre: Shonen Released: Autumn 2017 I decided to do a first impression on The Ancient Magus' Bride series that is currently airing. As I am only 3 episodes into this series I wanted to write about it but do not have a full series to review so I thought my first impressions would be the way… Continue reading The Ancient Magus’ Bride: First Impressions

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Ghost in the Well EP Review

Gokuraku Jodo or 極楽浄土 in kanji (when I google translated the meaning it said it means Paradise) are probably the most obscure Japanese band I have encountered so far. My dad actually discovered this band as he found a section of Village Vanguard in Kyoto playing their EP and he decided to purchase the album and we… Continue reading Ghost in the Well EP Review

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The Perfect Anime for Halloween

I figured that because we are in the season of spooks and Halloween is quickly approaching I would give you guys my top must watch anime this Halloween. Another Picture sourced from Google Images This is the perfect anime for anyone who loves gore, blood and guts! The synopsis of the show is about a… Continue reading The Perfect Anime for Halloween