Jess Kemp Interview

A few weeks ago I interviewed Jess Kemp at her gig at The Whisky Jar in Manchester. I wanted to share my first music interview with you all on here so I hope you enjoy reading! Jess Kemp is a 23-year-old Manchester based acoustic singer songwriter who plays within the indie pop genre. Kemp currently… Continue reading Jess Kemp Interview

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Touch My Secret Live Review

Once again I'm adding something new to this little blog of mine (I hope you don't mind being constantly bombarded with new content that I want to explore and try out). So I give you my first live concert review! Image sourced from Google Images Last week I went to see the band Touch My… Continue reading Touch My Secret Live Review

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Ghost in the Well EP Review

Gokuraku Jodo or 極楽浄土 in kanji (when I google translated the meaning it said it means Paradise) are probably the most obscure Japanese band I have encountered so far. My dad actually discovered this band as he found a section of Village Vanguard in Kyoto playing their EP and he decided to purchase the album and we… Continue reading Ghost in the Well EP Review