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Life on the Farm (Stardew Valley Review)

Genre: RPG, simulation game, single-player and multiplayer game Rating: 7+ Developers: ConcernedApe Available on: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox One and PS Vita My Playtime: 40+ hours Overview: Stardew Valley follows your own customisable character who inherits a farm from your dear grandfather. The farm sits in the quant mountain filled area… Continue reading Life on the Farm (Stardew Valley Review)

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Nekopara Volume One: First Impressions

NekPara was on a long, long list of games I wished to play once finally owning a Nintendo Switch. The artwork really attracted me and who doesn't want to play a game full of adorable catgirls doing adorable catgirl things. Overview: NekoPara is a visual novel which is set in a world where humans live… Continue reading Nekopara Volume One: First Impressions