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Why I Love Gintama

For the longest time I have wanted to make an entire post dedicated to why I love Gintama. I've always put it off though thinking it wouldn't be interesting enough or I wouldn't have enough to say on the matter other than going 'I love this show' followed by incoherent babbling. I've finally decided to… Continue reading Why I Love Gintama

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Nerdy Travels: Shounen Jump Exhibition

This day was partially successful and partially unsuccessful. We planned on spending our second full day in Tokyo wandering around some museums and galleries that we had been wanting to visit. A couple of months ago I found out about the Shounen Jump 50th Anniversary exhibition which was showcasing at the Mori Art Museum in… Continue reading Nerdy Travels: Shounen Jump Exhibition

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Japan Haul: Shounen Jump Exhibition

This is another instalment in my Japan hauls. I was fortunate enough to visit the third instalment of the Shounen Jump exhibition in Tokyo. At the end of the exhibit they had the shop with various goods relating to that particular instalment. I didn't pick up a massive deal of stuff from this shop. I… Continue reading Japan Haul: Shounen Jump Exhibition