Hot Minute – ‘Drive’ Single Review

It is that time once again where I get to review a brand new single by Hot Minute! I have reviewed their past two singles titled 'Magic' and 'Hell is Empty' which are both amazing tracks (and reviews if I do say so myself). If you have read any other reviews from me then you'll… Continue reading Hot Minute – ‘Drive’ Single Review

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Binary Drift – ‘Drifting’ Single Review

A new artist to come into the Nerdy Perspective roster is Binary Drift, a solo project created by Mauricio Yrivarren. Binary Drift felt like music had been on the back-burner for too long. Instead of trying to continue to chase music which didn't feel truly real to him, Binary Drift was born which embodies the idea… Continue reading Binary Drift – ‘Drifting’ Single Review

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OurKid – ‘Disappear’ Single Review

I'm back at it again with another single review! This time I'm reviewing OurKid's brand new single titled 'Disappear'. I reviewed one of their live shows a while back which I recommend checking out and today, on September 2nd they have released their latest single. 'Disappear' is track filled with dreamy indie goodness. Its floaty… Continue reading OurKid – ‘Disappear’ Single Review

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Hot Minute – ‘Magic’ Debut Single Review

Today is a very exciting post for my little blog as I got the opportunity to review the debut single for the band Hot Minute! Hot Minute are the hot upcoming Manchester based trio set on all things female empowerment and kicking some misogynistic ass using their music to prove that sound matters over gender… Continue reading Hot Minute – ‘Magic’ Debut Single Review

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Sour Punch – ‘Already’ Single Review

This post is going to be a bit different from my regular content. Today I'm going to be reviewing 'Already' by Sour Punch. The indie rock trio which make up Sour Punch include Thomas Llywarch on vocals and bass, Leyton McLean on guitar and backing vocals and Tom Buck on drums and backing vocals. The… Continue reading Sour Punch – ‘Already’ Single Review