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My Favourite Junji Ito Stories

As Halloween is quickly approaching, I thought what would be more perfect than a post on Junji Ito, the father of horror manga himself! As someone who has been collecting Junji Ito's work for a few years now with the regular releases of the Viz Media editions I have cultivated a collection of his work… Continue reading My Favourite Junji Ito Stories

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Two Faced Terror Tomie (Tomie Manga Review)

Genre: Horror, supernatural Rating: R-17 Chapters: 20 Author: Junji Ito Overview: After a tragic accident of falling off a cliff whilst on a class trip, Tomie appears dead as a dodo before her teachers and classmates eyes. In a frantic attempt to hide her body her teacher and male classmates begin to dismember her only… Continue reading Two Faced Terror Tomie (Tomie Manga Review)