This week I wanted to discuss another one of my all time favourite anime openings. Many of you have probably gathered already that I’m a massive Gintama fan and with the series comes some incredible opening and ending songs that I listen to over and over again. My all time favourite being Tougenkyou Alien by Serial TV Drama which is the ninth opening for the series.

Tougenkyou Alien by Serial TV Drama

Whilst many of the Gintama openings fit the series, this one in particular has always stood out as working so well for the show and it’s overall fun and often comedic themes. The song itself is a really fast paced and upbeat song which has almost a pirate like rhythm and style to the song especially in the guitar parts. The opening animation to go with the track fits perfectly and it’s something I could never skip over because it was a joy to watch every time. The pacing of the visuals is fun, fast and jam packed just like the song.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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